Introduction to Robotics - Labyrinth Escape


Two robots woke up at an unknown environment. One only sign shows the following message: Toxic. Do not touch the walls! The robots have only one thing to do: navigate this environment without hitting any walls until an exit is found.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Practice coding robots for autonomous tasks
  • Navigate, plan, and reflect upon trajectories of a robot in a static environment
  • Become confident and independent at solving problems.
  • Manage emotions
  • Exercise creativity

Mathematics Florida Standards (MAFS) Grade 5

MAFS.F.OA.1.1; MAFS.F.OA.1.2; MAFS.F.MD.1.1; MAFS.F.G.1.1; MAFS.F.G.1.2; MAFS.F.G.2.3; MAFS.F.G.2.4;


Teacher Setup:
  • Set up a maze using boxes or other materials available.
  • Define one start and one exit positions.
  • Place two robots at the starting point.
Student Teams' Robotic Tasks (Robot Dependent):
  • Each team should program the robot to exit the maze avoid hitting any obstacle.
  • The goal is to exit the maze first. If a robot hits any obstacle, it should be placed back at the start position.