Strengthening Math Concepts via Robotics in Middle School

As Robotics grows rapidly with the advent of big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is necessary for people to study it as early in their education as possible. Our goals is to provide a comprehensive curriculum for K-12 system, including teachers and students, undergraduate students and professionals. STEMizer combines valuable research data in Education and well established practices to incorporate Robotics and its applications into the curriculum. Our goal is to promote learning in a creative way, enticing individuals to ask questions, to use their creativity and becoming part of this new reality in our society.

These pictures show the enthusiasm of the students and teachers utilizing STEMizer as a way to improve Math learning in 5th grade. October 2019.

This adaptive curriculum also introduces students to multiple areas, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, design and engineering

Sample ExercisesAlgebraic thinking → Labyrinth Escape: 60Geometry → Trace the Geometric Shape: 60Geometry → Pick your Routes: 60Labyrinth Escape → Introduction to Robotics: 60Trace the Geometric Shape → Geometry in Robotics: 60Pick your Routes → Robotic Localization: 60Geometry → Entering Descartes’ World: 40Fractions → Labyrinth Escape: 40Measurement and data → Ping! how far is the obstacle?: 40Entering Descartes’ World → Robot Locomotion: 40Entering Descartes’ World → Geometry in Robotics: 40Labyrinth Escape → Robotic Localization: 40Ping! how far is the obstacle? → Robotic Localization: 40Algebraic thinking → Entering Descartes’ World: 30Operations in base ten → Entering Descartes’ World: 30Fractions → Ping! how far is the obstacle?: 30Geometry → Ping! how far is the obstacle?: 30Ping! how far is the obstacle? → Robot Locomotion: 30Ping! how far is the obstacle? → Geometry in Robotics: 30Algebraic thinking → Trace the Geometric Shape: 20Fractions → Trace the Geometric Shape: 20Algebraic thinking → Pick your Routes: 20Measurement and data → Pick your GREG: 20Entering Descartes’ World → Robotic Localization: 20Trace the Geometric Shape → Introduction to Robotics: 20Trace the Geometric Shape → Robot Locomotion: 20Pick your Routes → Robot Locomotion: 20Pick your Routes → Geometry in Robotics: 20Algebraic thinking: 130Algebraic thinkingEntering Descartes’ World: 100Entering Descartes’ WorldOperations in base ten: 30Operations in base tenGeometry: 190GeometryLabyrinth Escape: 100Labyrinth EscapeFractions: 90FractionsTrace the Geometric Shape: 100Trace the Geometric ShapePick your GREG: 100Pick your RoutesMeasurement and data: 60Measurement and dataPing! how far is the obstacle?: 100Ping! how far is the obstacle?Robot Locomotion: 110Robot LocomotionGeometry in Robotics: 150Geometry in RoboticsRobotic Localization: 160Robotic LocalizationIntroduction to Robotics: 80Introduction to Robotics